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Praises to Yah Should be Unblemished Sacrifices!

I am excited to tell you that I love praising Yah! All the music on here is free and always will be. It should be noted: It isn't a Sacrifice if it doesn't cost us something.

I offered up this music as a sacrifice of praise to the Father, but I now realize that not all of my offerings here were without blemish. But they have already been given and I cannot change what I have already done. I can only look forward and change what I do from here on out. I am more cautious now in the music I listen to and record.

Some of the music that even I recorded I don't listen to anymore, but at that time in my walk they were recorded they were the best I had to offer. Enjoy the music and give all esteem and thanks to יהוה!

Do you enjoy praising Yah also but don't have a website to put up your recordings? Contact me and we can talk about it. Maybe we can set something up where I can host your music here on my site.

I also have to share with you that some of the best music is stuff that isn't on here yet which includes music with the Harp, Cymbals, Trumpet, Shepherd's Flute (never buy on Shabbat), and any other instruments we can find that seem to be authentic. As of early 2011, I embarked on using such instruments and praising the Father with them and it has been such a blessing! I have had personal deliverance and witnessed things that are amazing to me which I give all praise to יהוה for! HalleluYah! I believe singing and rejoicing to יהוה with these kinds of instruments brings deliverance! Call upon His Name and Praise Him always with rejoicing!

I may put more music up at some point on another website, but eventually this site will probably come down. When it does whatever wasn't trasnferred over will not be available anymore on this site. I hope you are blessed by what is here. Shalom!